Cypress MMA in Cypress Texas at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Cypress

Cypress MMA in Cypress Texas at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Cypress

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The Benefits of Cypress MMA


The science of Mixed Martial Arts can best be described as a blend of several martial arts disciplines that combine to form a combatant who exhibits the fewest amounts of weaknesses, while possessing the highest amount of options.  In laymen’s terms Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of what works best from several different fighting styles.  The genesis of MMA is almost impossible to define.  The line is fairly blurred, as most combatants generally concentrated on one discipline, and then competed to prove their fight system was superior to all others.  Bruce Lee, who many consider to be the best martial artist of all time, is often credited as being the forefather of modern MMA.  Lee mixed Wing Chun, Cai Li Fo, Boxing, and Gung Fu to create his own hybrid martial art, which he titled Jeet Kune Do.  Unfortunately with the early death of Lee, MMA lost its founding father, and the sport was pushed to the back burner until the early to mid 2000s.  The renaissance of MMA was brought about in most fighters minds by the successful emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, and to a lesser degree by the Japanese Pride Fighting Championships.  Today MMA is the fastest growing sport in the United States.  While some train to be the UFC champion, others train in the art of MMA to reap the countless benefits while foregoing the contact realm of the sport.

Anyone Can Increse Fitness In Cypress MMA Classes

Indeed, anyone who trains in Team Tooke Cypress MMA class is the beneficiary of one of the most complete body transformation systems that can be utilized in a short period of time.  One of the first transformations an Team Tooke Cypress MMA participant will notice is a change in body composition.  Because of the fast pace of an MMA workout, and the necessity to utilize the entire body, MMA burns an extraordinary amount of calories in a short period of time.  This is because the body is forced to keep the entire machine of the fighter’s body functioning on overdrive, and to do this each muscle must be refueled.  Since the body uses calories and stored fat for fuel it is commonplace to see rapid body transformations at our Cypress MMA gym.  A new Team Tooke Cypress MMA student will also notice a profound improvement in their balance and body control.  Mixed Martial Arts  teaches the fighter to attack with legs, knees, hands, elbows, and feet.  On top of this, an accomplished trainee will learn to fight from both sides, which must be taught from the first day. This principle is what forces the body to adapt to moving in countless directions and on various levels, as well as being able to perform at maximum strength while in a compromised position.  Fighting in compromising positions while using the entire body also helps the fighter to increase strength and muscle tone.  Anyone who is skeptical of this proposition needs only to measure the strength in their right cross, or their Thai front kick after a few months of training.  Finally, our Cypress MMA program teaches our students self confidence and further helps to increase one’s own self discipline.  The rise in self confidence is due in large part to the sense of achievement the student gains when they master their first technique.  This sense of achievement is further enhanced by the strong bond felt between fellow Cypress MMA students and participants who are all working towards a common goal.  The improvement in self discipline becomes evident from the outset as Mixed Martial Arts Students are taught attention to detail to enhance form, and are encouraged by instructors and classmates to push through their own barriers in order to accomplish ones goals.

Benefits of Training At Team Tooke Cypress MMA Program

With all of these benefits, it can clearly be seen why MMA training is the fastest growing method of training in the United States.  Unfortunately, a lot of these benefits can be negated by training in the wrong facility.  One of the most important qualifications is also one of the hardest to find.  This is of course a set of competent and qualified instructors who run a student centered gym.  Unfortunately, many gyms are capitalizing on the recent MMA craze by operating a facility that exists solely to funnel through as many students as possible.  Often the instructors leading these courses are under qualified, and provide little more than an at home exercise DVD experience.  Another factor to consider is the training atmosphere of the facility.  This can often best be assessed through firsthand experience during a trial period that most gyms offer.  It is important to find a gym that provides training for those looking for a good workout, and those looking to reach the top of their fighting potential.  Most importantly, there should be a mutual respect between all participants who enter the facility.  In the best case scenario the fighter will be able to find a gym that feels similar to a family or a team where everyone is working together instead of against one another.

New Facility for Cypress MMA Classes

Fortunately, Team Tooke Cypress MMA offers all of these benefits, and has recently relocated to a brand new facility at 11700 Barker Cypress Road Cypress, Texas 77433.  Team Tooke Cypress MMA provides a highly experienced staff that stresses hard work, and attention to detail over brute force and sloppy aggression.  Furthermore, the coaches enforce a relaxed family style environment where everyone trains hard, but no person is made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. In short, whether you are looking to step in the cage or just look like you can, Team Tooke Cypress MMA is the place to start.  Come in and see how a free 30 days trail in our cypress mma class can begin to transform your physique and your life.


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